Airborne Magnetometer Surveys

Aeromagnetic surveying is one of the most common airborne survey types conducted for both mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.

Airborne Radiometric Surveys

Radiometric surveys detect and map natural radioactive emanations, called gamma rays, from rocks and soils.


New-Sense Geophysics has designed a pilot friendly navigational display and controls (iNAV) for its survey projects. The application runs on any JAVA enabled device. This allows the app to be run on tablets, laptops, smartphones or NSG's touch screen LCD.
New-Sense places the highest priority to safety on all of its airborne surveys and projects. We are dedicated to continually improving our project's safety through innovative new technologies and techniques. More.
New-Sense Geophysics builds and maintains its own leading-edge data acquisition systems, known as iDAS.  More.