New-Sense’s “Operator-less” IDAS system, is a concept pioneered by Ted Urquhart.

The IDAS system uses sophisticated software that provides an autonomous “Operator-less” system resulting in a safer survey environment by removing the need for additional personnel on board the aircraft.

Although the pilot is without an equipment operator during the flight, they are not alone! New-Sense operators will monitor the progress of the flight in real time and if necessary, will have direct communication abilities with the pilot.


About us…


 New Sense has performed airborne geophysical surveys in Africa, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. We are able to go anywhere your exploration ventures may take you. Since 2005, New-Sense Geophysics has flown and processed close to a million line kilometers. Some of our clients have included Government organizations, multinational companies, junior mining and exploration companies. All our clients receive their data on time and to their full satisfaction.

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The Client Dashboard allows all parties to remain informed on the status of a multitude of survey operations as well as real-time monitoring.

The following are some of the available resources for both Client and NSG personnel on the dashboard:

– Emergency response plan and block-specific safety plans.
– Aircraft and crew location.
– Daily survey flight plans.
– Daily and weekly flight reports.
– Current survey coverage (flown and non-flown).
– Live magnetic base signal, remote weather station and camera feed
– Images of the grids surveyed, up to and including the previous day’s flights

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Safe airborne survey acquisition demands special dataset architecture with a host of features, including:

– Access to field databases and grids
– QA / QC through your project dashboard (dashboard.new-sense.ca)
– Collaborative flight planning from client to pilot
– Secure and complete data archives throughtout survey
– Flight and field logs from crew

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A weather station and camera are included with our remote base stations. Observing real time block conditions is a powerful safety and cost management tool for the client, pilot and crew in planning survey operations.

– Trend monitoring (complete history)

– Wind and temperature measurements

– Visibility, fog and cloud conditions

– Eliminate check flights


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In the right place


With our remote in block base station, real time measurements can be made before, during and after flights, facilitating more accurate diurnal corrections.  As well, the potential source of man-made signals near operational bases (cultural noise) can be minimized.

  1. Cultural anomalies
  2. Diurnal variations
  3. Magnetic storms and micropulsations
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During Unprecedented Times


First and foremost, I hope you and your families are safe and well. The last few weeks have been unprecedented for all of us.

New-Sense Geophysics is focused on ensuring both the health and safety of our employees, customers, and associates, as well as our long term business continuity. We remain available to you 24 hours a day to aid in planning and budgeting for your future projects. Our team has also been able to extend its focus to a set of R&D initiatives and training objectives that we look forward to putting into practice through and after this exceptional period.

Over the coming weeks, New-Sense Geophysics will begin a new series of discussions and posts on its social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook) to not only share in our unique experience, but to spur the next set of innovations. We would be excited to have you join us in our community discussions.

New-Sense’s team will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 developments, and we remain watchful and ready to adjust our measures in response to the changing circumstances. I want you to know we are committed to providing the superior service and support that you have come to expect of New-Sense.

Warmest regards and stay safe,

Ted Urquhart
New-Sense Geophysics Ltd.

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Geophysical surveying in the High Andes


Watch the Innovations Forum Presentation by President Dr. Ted Urquhart

Watch the New-Sense Geophysics presentation from PDAC 2013 CAMESE Innovation forum on Geophysical surveying in the High Andes: What we have learned?

Ted presents the challenges, safety concerns and lessons learned from navigating this difficult environment.

The presentation was recorded on March 3, 2013 live from the PDAC 2013 CAMESE Innovation forum. Thanks to all who attended and participated in this event.

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