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Quality Control and Assurance

To present its seamless, transparent and open QA/QC process and standards, NSG offers a unique service, a Client “Dashboard”, which is available for preview at:

The Client Dashboard provides both summarized, at-a-glance, up-to-the-minute views of many aspects of the project status and progress, as well as the ability—with a click or two—to see highly-detailed results, statistics, and preliminary grids. This allows both the Client and NSG personnel to stay current on the project, independent of location, since it is designed to be usable on any internet-connected device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer) and on screens as small as a BlackBerry to as large as a boardroom projector.  The Client can check flight following (1 to 2 minutes behind real time), base station magnetometer—diurnal solar interference—levels (5 to 10 minutes behind real time), local weather conditions (wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, due point using our live time on sight weather station), completed flight statistics (once per day), and preliminary data and grids.

The Client Dashboard allows all parties to remain informed of the status of all aspects of the survey operations and allows instantaneous monitoring.

The following are the applications available for display to the Client and NSG personnel:

  • Emergency response plan and block-specific safety plans
  • Aircraft and crew location
  • Daily survey flight plans
  • Daily and weekly flight reports.
  • Current survey coverage (flown and non-flown)
  • Live magnetic base signal, plus remote weather station data and camera feed
  • Images of the grids surveyed, up to and including the previous day’s flights