New-Sense Geophysics traces its history through its founder and now-president W.E.S. (Ted) Urquhart Ph.D. His experience in the field has been extensive:
  • first with Urquhart-Dvorak, which specialized in processing airborne geophysical data;
  • next with High-Sense Geophysics, which became the third largest airborne survey company in the world (until it was purchased by Fugro in 2000);
  • finally with Integrated Geoscience Inc., which specialized in digitizing and leveling large airborne data sets, as well as developing unique airborne technologies.

After this 30-year span, Ted Urquhart founded New-Sense Geophysics in February 2005, continuing the tradition of airborne survey innovation and quality airborne data acquisition. In October 2008, the main office and base of operations was moved to its current location in Markham, Ontario.