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Base Station (IBASE)

The New-Sense Geophysics iBASE base station system utilizes the same computer package as the iDAS airborne survey system. The system features a wide range DC voltage input (9-36V), making it possible to run the system on many battery configurations. The iBASE is typically powered using a 12 volt car battery, making it possible to position the system in remote locations. The system records GPS using a Novatel OEMStar GNSS receiver operating at 10Hz. The magnetic signal is provided by a Scintrex CS-3 Magentometer sensor.

Base station location is either inside or near the survey flight area, in an area of low magnetic gradient and free from cultural electric and magnetic noise sources. This is to ensure accurate removal of diurnal noise from flight data. New-Sense synchronizes it’s base station data using a GPS UTC clock.

If the base station has a network connection (WiFi, Mobile, Satellite etc…), the system is remotely accessible and controllable, allowing for timely diural variation checks and rapid data retrieval. In combination with remote power supply gear (such as solar panels), the systems can operate autonomously where it is difficult or impossible for field staff to visit regularly. This allows for more accurate diurnal checks and corrections to be made when the survey block is very large or when the aircraft base is outside or located further away from the survey area.