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L1 / L2 Gps

Position and timing are just as important as the data being collected. That is why New-Sense uses a Novatel Active L1/L2/L5/L-Band GPS and L1/L2 GLONASS Antenna standard for all of its surveys. Combined with this high precision antenna, a OEM628 Triple-Frequency + L-Band GNSS receiver is used to compute position locations.

This combination of GPS equipment is compatible with all of today’s (GNSS, GPS, GLONASS) and tomorrow’s (Galileo, Compass, BeiDou) GPS networks, allowing New-Sense to operate worldwide with the highest level of accuracy. A mix of satellite networks can also be used to maximize constellation size on corners of the globe.

GPS data is collected and sampled at 10Hz, this position is used for both iDAS navigation and data, allowing for much smoother and easier to use navigation systems when compared to the industry standard 1Hz option. The ease of operation translate in turn to a safer operating environment for pilot and crew.

The accuracy of the L1/L2 antenna is typically in the range of 1-2m, and if a DGPS service is preferred, accuracy in the 0.15-0.25m. Compared with traditional L1 antennas/receivers, +/-10m at 1Hz, the choice is clear.

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