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RS-125 Spectrometer

New-Sense Geophysics uses Radiation Solutions Inc. spectrometers exclusively. To accompany the RS-500 airborne spectrometer unit, New-Sense uses the RS-125 handheld spectrometer its daily and preflight ground, and calibration checks. The RS-125 is a fully integrated system that includes an individual Advanced Digital Spectrometer (ADS) for each crystal within the detector box. The 1024 channel gamma spectrometer features a large 103 cm3 single crystal design.

This handheld system is self contained, portable and weatherproof, a must when surveying in remote areas and/or in extreme conditions. The RS-125’s advanced technology and software allow data from the RS-500 and RS-125 units to easily be shared, for simple and assured synchronization and calibration. Click here for more details on the RSI RS-125 handheld spectrometer

New-Sense uses the RS-125 spectrometer on all of its spectrometric surveys. To ensure reliability and consistency, all spectrometers are checked, and logs generated before each flight and daily. The calibration logs are always available and presented to the client.