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First and foremost, I hope you and your families are safe and well. The last few weeks have been unprecedented for all of us. New-Sense Geophysics is focused on ensuring both the health and safety of our employees, customers, and associates, as well as our long term business continuity. We remain available to you 24 hours a day to aid […]

In the right place

With our remote in block base station, real time measurements can be made before, during and after flights, facilitating more accurate diurnal corrections.  As well, the potential source of man-made signals near operational bases (cultural noise) can be minimized. Cultural anomalies Diurnal variations Magnetic storms and micropulsations


A weather station and camera are included with our remote base stations. Observing real time block conditions is a powerful safety and cost management tool for the client, pilot and crew in planning survey operations. – Trend monitoring (complete history) – Wind and temperature measurements – Visibility, fog and cloud conditions – Eliminate check flights


Safe airborne survey acquisition demands special dataset architecture with a host of features, including: – Access to field databases and grids– QA / QC through your project dashboard (– Collaborative flight planning from client to pilot– Secure and complete data archives throughtout survey– Flight and field logs from crew


The Client Dashboard allows all parties to remain informed on the status of a multitude of survey operations as well as real-time monitoring. The following are some of the available resources for both Client and NSG personnel on the dashboard: – Emergency response plan and block-specific safety plans.– Aircraft and crew location.– Daily survey flight plans.– Daily and weekly flight […]


A fundamental part of any project safety plan is risk management. This is at the heart of New-Sense’s “Operator-less” IDAS system, a concept pioneered by Ted Urquhart. The IDAS system uses sophisticated software to provide an autonomous “Operator-less” system resulting in a safer survey environment by removing the need for additional personnel on board the aircraft. New-Sense’s Pilot Indicator delivers […]

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