NGDC Magnetic Field Calculator
National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) – NOAA Satellite and Information Service Magnetic Field Calculator. Look up a locations magnetic field values with respect to location, models and time.

IRGF Calculator
IGRF Calculator from Data Analysis Center for Geomagnetism and Space Magnetism Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University. Simple interface allowing visual location selection.

Space Weather Canada
The Canadian Space Weather Forecast Centre, operated by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and support from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Monitoring the sun’s emission energy (radio waves, infra-red, light, ultraviolet, X-rays) and as energetic electrically charged particles, and their effects on the earth.

Diurnal Maps Canada
Magnetic Observatories at Ministry of Natural Resources, Canada. The Geomagnetic Monitoring Service of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) operates a network of 13 Magnetic Observatories across Canada.

Diurnal Maps United States
Map showing the USGS Geomagnetism Program observatory network. Click on the observatory name, or choose an observatory from our observatories page, for a profile of each observatory.

Diurnal Maps Australia
Magnetic Forecast from the Australian Space Weather Agency

UTM Referencing Map
UTM Grid Zones of the World

Weather Underground
Worldwide weather forecasting and reporting service. Aviation, automated weather station, and Astronomy reports available.