Base Station (IBASE)

IBASE Base Station

Base Station (IBASE)

New-Sense Geophysics’ innovative IBASE base station is engineered for accessibility and reliability. This remote autonomous station plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of airborne geophysical surveys.

Key Features of New-Sense Geophysics IBASE Base Station:

  1. Autonomous Real-Time Monitoring: Our IBASE base station is designed for autonomous, real-time monitoring within the survey block. It encompasses magnetic and diurnal monitoring, a weather station providing wind speed and direction along with temperature data, and a live camera feed. This comprehensive suite of features enables the continuous assessment of environmental conditions, ensuring safer and more informed flight planning.
  2. Flight Crew Safety and Planning: The IBASE station arms flight crews with up-to-the-minute and accurate data on magnetic conditions, diurnal variations, and weather parameters. This real-time information allows for dynamic and safer flight plan adjustments, enhancing overall survey safety.
  3. Live and Historical Data Access: Both live and historical data captured by the IBASE are easily accessible through the project dashboard. This transparent approach facilitates comprehensive data analysis and aids in making informed decisions throughout the survey project.
  4. Configurability for Varied Environments: Based on the specific survey block location and proximity to existing weather reporting infrastructure, the autonomous system can be configured for diurnal measurements or include additional weather-related features. This adaptability ensures optimal performance in diverse environments.
  5. Integrated Technology Package: The IBASE base station utilizes the same advanced computer package as the IDAS airborne survey system, ensuring consistency and compatibility. The station is strategically located inside or near the survey flight area, in regions with low magnetic gradient and free from cultural electric and magnetic noise sources.
  6. Remote Accessibility and Control: IBASE is equipped with remote accessibility and control features, allowing for timely diurnal variation checks and rapid data retrieval. This capability, combined with options for remote power supply gear such as solar panels, enables autonomous and continuous operation.
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