Cessna 208

Cessna 208 Caravan Aircraft

New-Sense Geophysics includes the formidable Cessna 208 Caravan in its available aircraft for surveys. Tailored for exploration excellence, our TC (Transport Canada) approved STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) delivers unparalleled capabilities, making the Caravan an indispensable asset for geophysical endeavors.

Key Features:

  1. LCAS Developed, TC Approved STC:
    • Industry-Leading Certification: Our Cessna 208 Caravan for surveys boast a TC-approved STC developed in collaboration with Lake Central Air Services (LCAS), ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.
  2. Configurable for Diverse Sensor Arrays:
    • Tail-Mounted Stinger Magnetometer System: The Caravan seamlessly integrates a tail-mounted stinger magnetometer system, offering versatility for gradient magnetic sensors, wingtip pods, radiometric gamma-ray detector packs, and VLF EM receivers.
  3. Optimized for Large Payloads:
    • Workhorse Performance: The Cessna 208 Caravan, renowned for its larger size and weight capacity, excels as a workhorse, accommodating multi-spectrometer packs for radiometric applications.
  4. Simplicity, Low Maintenance, and Redundancy:
    • Engineered for Reliability: Designed for simplicity, our surveys on the Caravan emphasize low maintenance costs, field maintainability, and redundancy, ensuring a reliable and robust airborne exploration platform.
  5. Low Stall Speed for Denser Data Sampling:
    • Safer and Denser Data Collection: The Caravan’s extremely low stall speed sets the stage for safer, denser data sampling, enhancing the fixed-wing platform’s efficiency in capturing detailed geophysical information.

Suited for:

  1. Large Area Coverage:
    • Rapid and Cost-Effective Surveys: Benefit from the Caravan’s large fuel capacity, enabling up to 8 hours of continuous flight. This capacity ensures rapid and cost-effective coverage of expansive survey areas.
  2. Multi-Spectrometer Radiometric Surveys:
    • Unrivaled Radiometric Capabilities: The Caravan’s substantial weight capacity makes it ideal for multi-spectrometer packs, enhancing radiometric survey capabilities.

The Caravan’s standard for precision, reliability, and efficiency. Your exploration, our commitment – redefine the possibilities of geophysical surveys.

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