Client Compliance

Client Compliance

aNew-Sense Geophysics commits to focussing not just on its risk and safety programs, but the clients as well. We believe in a transparent and open approach, fostering a collaborative environment that seamlessly integrates our clients’ safety programs into every aspect of our airborne geophysical surveys.

Our Commitment to Client Safety Program Compliance:

  1. Integration of Client Safety Programs: At New-Sense Geophysics, we understand the importance of aligning with our clients’ safety programs. Our transparent and open approach facilitates the seamless integration of client-specific safety protocols, ensuring a unified commitment to safety throughout the survey process.
  2. Cutting-Edge Project Dashboard: Going above and beyond industry standards, we offer our clients a state-of-the-art project dashboard. This user-friendly portal provides easy access to real-time updates, project status, and production statistics. Transparency is not just a buzzword—it’s our practice.
  3. Active and contributing member of IAGSA: New-Sense is an active and contributing member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA). Our representatives from survey, aviation, and exploration companies work together to enhance safety standards in airborne geophysics (internationally). By actively participating in initiatives aimed at preventing accidents, we contribute to the overall safety improvement of our industry.

Thorough Risk Assessment: Every survey proposal at New-Sense Geophysics undergoes a thorough risk assessment. Recognizing that accidents often bear resemblance to previous incidents, we work diligently to identify potential hazards, assess their likelihood, and recognize the possible severity of accidents. Our risk mitigation strategies, guided by the IAGSA Survey Contract Annex, ensure a proactive management approach.

Shared Duty of Care: We believe that suppliers and clients share a duty of care in airborne survey services. While the level of involvement in aviation safety may vary among exploration companies, New-Sense Geophysics works collaboratively to meet and exceed safety expectations. Whether through safety audits, expert consultations, or contract-specific safety requirements, we ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach to safety management.

At New-Sense Geophysics, safety isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a culture embedded in every operation. Join us in our commitment to conducting airborne geophysics surveys with the highest standards of safety, transparency, and excellence. Experience the New-Sense difference, where client safety program compliance is not just a checkbox—it’s our pledge to your peace of mind.

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