Dashboard (Reporting and Monitoring)

Safety Assurance and Performance Monitoring Framework

As a pioneering airborne geophysics survey provider, New-Sense Geophysics, continues to innovate and develop its Project Dashboard—a pivotal component of our Safety Assurance and Performance Monitoring framework.

Key Features of NSG’s Project Dashboard:

  • Mobile, Smartphone and Desktop Friendly Interface: Our project dashboard is designed for seamless accessibility, ensuring both clients and crew can monitor all aspects of the project effortlessly. Whether on the go or at the desk, stay connected in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Safety Plans and Emergency Contacts: Safety is our top priority. The dashboard provides easy access to safety plans and emergency contacts, empowering the team to respond swiftly and effectively in any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Survey Parameters and Progress: Track the project’s journey with detailed survey parameters and progress indicators. Stay informed about milestones achieved and upcoming objectives.
  • Live Flight and Vehicle Tracking: Real-time tracking of flights and vehicles enhances situational awareness. Witness the progress of the survey as it unfolds, fostering a proactive and collaborative approach to safety.
  • Preliminary Grids and Live Data Streams: Access preliminary grids and live data streams directly from the dashboard, providing instant insights into the survey’s evolving dynamics.
  • Flight Speed and Height Safety Thresholds: Identify and mitigate potential risks with specialized tracking grids for flight speed and height. Our dashboard helps monitor and maintain safety thresholds, ensuring adherence to best practices.

Unleashing the Power of the Dashboard:

At New-Sense Geophysics, our project dashboard is more than just a tool for transparency—it is an integral element of safe operations. The metrics featured on the dashboard facilitate the monitoring of project safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), critical thresholds, performance benchmarks, and production metrics.

Our clientele enthusiastically embraces the dashboard, recognizing its role in fostering a safe, informed, and collaborative project environment. New-Sense Geophysics goes above and beyond, providing not just a service but an experience where cutting-edge technology meets a steadfast commitment to safety.

Experience the future of airborne geophysics surveys with New-Sense Geophysics—where our Project Dashboard sets the standard for safety, transparency, and excellence.

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