Data Acquisitions Systems

Data Acquisitions Systems

Data Acquisition System (iDAS)

New-Sense Geophysics has developed its own data acquisition system (DAC) IDAS. The IDAS system is installed in both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft, and integrates both data and power management for the survey equipment. The IDAS uses a sophisticated proprietary software, INAV, to allow for an “Operator-less” system, ensuring a safer survey environment by eliminating the need for an operator on board the aircraft.

Key Features of New-Sense Geophysics’ iDAS:

  1. Autonomous Operation with INAV: The iDAS system boasts autonomy through the proprietary iNAV software, providing seamless operation without the need for an operator on board. This innovative approach enhances safety and efficiency in airborne surveying.
  2. KroumVS Instruments Technology: IDAS integrates cutting-edge technology from KroumVS Instruments, featuring the KMAG4 magnetometer counter and the KANA8 analog-to-digital converter. These components ensure precise and reliable geophysical measurements.
  3. Wide Voltage Range: Designed to adapt to various aircraft power supplies, IDAS accommodates a wide voltage input range (9v to 36v), ensuring compatibility with diverse aircraft configuration.
  4. Real-time Monitoring and Recording: The INAV software continuously monitors the performance of raw magnetometer, altimeter, GPS, and other ancillary equipment in real-time. It records incoming data to facilitate comprehensive analysis and reporting.
  5. High-Frequency Data Collection: IDAS excels in capturing high-frequency data, with input from various sensors monitored every 0.005 seconds. This coordination ensures precision in both geophysical and positional measurements are synchronized.
  6. Versatile Speed Settings: All input data is typically collected at 50 Hz, providing a robust foundation for accurate measurements. IDAS can be configured to run at various speeds, offering versatility to meet the specific requirements of each survey.

New-Sense Geophysics takes pride in the IDAS system’s ability to redefine airborne survey operations. From its autonomous functionality to the integration of cutting-edge technology, IDAS sets the industry standard for safety, precision, and innovation.

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