Flight Following

Flight Following

New-Sense Geophysics utilizes its own flight following system to enhance the tracking capabilities of its aircraft providers and stands as a testament to our commitment to ensuring the utmost security and transparency in every airborne survey operation.

Key Features of our Flight Following System:

  1. Latitude Technologies S200 Unit: At the core of our Flight Following System is the advanced Latitude Technologies S200 unit. This satellite-based tracking utility provides precise position updates every 1 or 2 minute, ensuring real-time monitoring of the survey aircraft’s location, heading, and status.
  2. Emergency Response with Panic Button: Safety is paramount, and our system is equipped with a panic button feature. In the event of an emergency, the pilot can trigger an immediate transmission of the aircraft’s status, location, and heading, with updates every six seconds. This rapid response mechanism ensures swift action and communication in critical situations.
  3. Direct Communication Link to IDAS System: Our Flight Following System is seamlessly integrated into our “Operator-less” IDAS (Integrated Data Acquisition System). This integration enhances the robustness of our flights, allowing New-Sense personnel to monitor the progress and status of the aircraft in real-time.
  4. Client Access for Real-Time Monitoring: Transparency is key, and New-Sense provides each client with a secure account to our tracking system. This allows clients to actively monitor and follow their survey flights in real-time, ensuring a collaborative and informed approach to the survey process.
  5. Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B): In select areas, we utilize ADS-B technology—an aviation surveillance system that broadcasts an aircraft’s position and related data via satellite navigation. This technology enhances overall safety and situational awareness, contributing to a comprehensive Flight Following experience.

At New-Sense Geophysics, our Flight Following System goes beyond tracking—it’s part of a comprehensive safety, tracking and communication tool.

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