King Air A90/C90

New-Sense Geophysics

King Air A90/C90

New-Sense Geophysics uses aircraft from the Beechcraft King Air family (A90, C90, 100, and 200 variants) for airborne missions. The Lake Central Air Services (LCAS) developed, and TC (Transport Canada) approved STC has also been approved for use in the USA with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration),

Key Features:

  1. LCAS Developed, TC and FAA Approved STC:
    • Certified Excellence: Our Beechcraft King Air surveys are supported by a TC and FAA approved STC developed by Lake Central Air Services (LCAS), ensuring adherence to the highest aviation standards.
  2. Configurable for Advanced Sensor Arrays:
    • Tail-Mounted Stinger Magnetometer System: Tailored for excellence, the King Air series seamlessly integrates a stinger magnetometer system, supporting configurations with radiometric gamma-ray detector packs and VLF EM receivers.
  3. Twin Turboprop Engines for Enhanced Power:
    • Redundancy and Security: The twin-turboprop engine design of the Beechcraft King Air family offers heightened security and redundancy, reinforcing the safety of geophysical survey operations.
  4. Pressurized Cabin Comfort:
    • Altitude Comfort: Equipped with a pressurized cabin, the King Air provides a comfortable and safe environment for the crew, eliminating the need for complex oxygen supply systems.
  5. Efficient High-Altitude Surveys:
    • Navigating Moderate Rolling Topography: Suited for surveys at higher altitudes or with moderate rolling topography, the King Air excels in capturing precise data even in challenging terrains.
  6. Speed and Endurance for Large Areas:
    • Faster Climb and Cruise Speeds: Benefit from increased power, allowing for faster climb and cruise speeds. This ensures efficient coverage of expansive survey areas with flight times extending up to 6 hours.

Suited for:

  1. High-Altitude Surveys:
    • Precision at Elevated Levels: The twin-turboprop engines make the Beechcraft King Air series ideal for high-altitude surveys, ensuring accuracy and reliability in challenging environments.
  2. Moderate Rolling Topography:
    • Navigating Varied Terrain: Designed to navigate moderate rolling topography, the King Air excels in capturing detailed data across diverse landscapes.
  3. Efficiency in Large Survey Areas:
    • Extended Flight Times: With flight times reaching up to 6 hours, the King Air series is optimized for efficient coverage of large survey areas.
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