Magnetic Towed Bird

Towed Merge Bird Solution

New-Sense Geophysics has a towed array “Bird” for acquiring magnetic data with precision and flexibility. When stingers are not possible, or aircraft types on STC documents are unavailable, our towed bird solution steps in as a versatile alternative.

Key Features of our Towed Array “Bird” Surveys:

  1. Flexible Magnetic Data Acquisition: Our towed array “bird” is an efficient solution for acquiring magnetic data, towed beneath the helicopter at a 30m altitude. This flexibility is crucial in jurisdictions or environments where stingers are not feasible or when specific aircraft types are unavailable based on STC documents.
  2. Comprehensive Sensor Array: The towed bird is equipped with a Scintrex CS-3 magnetometer, an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and an L1/L2 GNSS antenna for precise orientation and position measurement. Additionally, a laser altimeter monitors the sensor height above the ground, ensuring accuracy in data collection.
  3. Challenges and Safety Measures: Towed array surveys come with unique challenges, as the array is out of the direct sight-line of the pilots. New-Sense Geophysics addresses these challenges with conscientious coordination between flight and ground teams. Safety is paramount, and our procedures ensure the seamless operation of towed birds, prioritizing both crew and data integrity.
Towed Bird Solution
Towed Bird Solution

Seamless Coordination for Safety: Flying towed birds demands a high level of coordination to ensure safety and data quality. Our teams, both in the air and on the ground, work seamlessly to overcome the challenges associated with this survey method. This coordination is a testament to our commitment to precision and safety in every operation.

At New-Sense Geophysics, we navigate challenges with innovation. Our Towed Array “Bird” Surveys exemplify our dedication to providing magnetic data solutions in diverse and complex scenarios.

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