Magnetic Gradient Survey with Tri Boom Stinger

Horizontal Magnetic Gradient Stinger System

Airborne Gradiometer Survey

New-Sense Geophysics also offers a horizontal magnetic gradient stinger system in its airborne magnetic options. The stinger features a tri-boom Transport Canada approved STC design, and sets new standards in airborne magnetic gradient surveys, offering precision and detail that redefine the possibilities of magnetic data acquisition and interpretation.

Key Features of our Horizontal Magnetic Gradient System:

  • Tri-Boom with STC Stinger Design:

Our system boasts a tri-boom design with a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) stinger, providing unparalleled stability and accuracy. The horizontal sensor separation of approximately 36 feet ensures optimal coverage, allowing for detailed and comprehensive magnetic gradient measurements.

  • Cost-Effective Airborne Methods:

Airborne methods are renowned for their cost-effectiveness in large regional reconnaissance magnetic gradient surveys, aiding geological mapping, and pinpointing target areas for detailed follow-ups using helicopter-borne platforms. Our Horizontal Magnetic Gradient System optimizes these methods, offering efficient and precise data collection.

  • Improved Resolution with Measured Magnetic Gradients:

Measured magnetic gradients enhance the resolution of any magnetic survey, irrespective of line spacing or altitude. Critical to this enhancement is the system’s focus on minimizing noise levels and ensuring accuracy in gradient measurements, maximizing the potential of the collected data.

  • Advanced Derivatives for Detailed Interpretations:

Our system goes beyond conventional derivatives, offering advanced options such as Total Horizontal Gradient and Tilt angle Derivative. These derivatives, products from measured Horizontal gradients, provide unparalleled detail for interpreting fold axis and faults.

  • Innovative Gradiometer System:

New-Sense Geophysics Ltd. employs a gradiometer system with three sensors (A, B, & C), strategically arranged to measure In-Line Gradient Hx (using side booms B & C) and Horizontal Gradient Hy (using all three sensors). This arrangement enhances the accuracy and richness of the magnetic gradient data collected.

In the world of airborne geophysics, precision is paramount. New-Sense Geophysics’ Horizontal Magnetic Gradient System is not just a tool; it’s a leap forward in data quality, interpretation capabilities, and survey efficiency.

Horizontal Magnetic Gradient System
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