Mexico’s geological exploration is a dynamic field that involves studying the country’s mineral resources, oil and gas exploration, and others for various purposes including environmental monitoring. Mexico’s diverse topography is closely linked to its geological history and tectonic activity. The varied landscapes present both opportunities and challenges for geological exploration.

New-Sense Geophysics specializes in high altitude airborne geophysics surveys, our helicopter and fixed-wing operators are typically trained on site and rigorously follow international aviation standards and regulations. Pilots are trained to handle the specific challenges associated with flying in a diverse and dynamic environment.

Having highly trained staff in Mexico, able to understand the local culture, traditions and governing bodies, can respond to the needs of the client gives New-Sense Geophysics a distinct advantage that works in the client’s favour.

Close to 40,000 line kilometers have been collected here by New-Sense Geophysics since 2008.

Mexico Geological
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