INAV System

New-Sense Geophysics has developed a proprietary INAV system. Designed to empower pilots, streamline data acquisition, and enhance overall project safety and efficiency.

Key Features of New-Sense Geophysics’ INAV System:

  1. Universal Compatibility: INAV runs seamlessly on any JAVA-enabled device, providing versatility across tablets, laptops, smartphones, or New-Sense Geophysics’ dedicated touch screen LCD. This adaptability ensures that the system can be effortlessly integrated into various aircraft configurations.
  2. Pilot-Friendly Interface: The INAV system boasts a clear and user-friendly interface that minimizes the need for pilot input. This design allows pilots to maintain focus on safe and accurate aircraft operation, ensuring optimal performance during survey flights.
  3. Redundant Data Collection: Serving as both a navigation and data acquisition system, INAV offers redundancy in collecting geophysical and positional information. This dual functionality enhances the reliability of data collection, providing a powerful  foundation for geophysical insights.
  4. Simultaneous Multiple Interfaces: INAV allows multiple interfaces to run concurrently, both locally and remotely. This feature facilitates simultaneous access by multiple users, enabling collaborative efforts in training, ensuring security, and expediting troubleshooting processes.
  5. Built-in Training Environment: INAV integrates a built-in training environment, allowing less experienced survey pilots to simulate virtual surveys. This virtual training utilizes real-world parameters such as location, weather, and terrain maps. By minimizing costly flight time mistakes, pilots can focus on safe and efficient aircraft operation during actual surveys.
  6. Remote Accessibility: The system supports remote access, enabling real-time monitoring and control of survey flights from off-site locations. This capability enhances operational flexibility and allows for swift decision-making.
  7. Efficient Troubleshooting: Simultaneous access to multiple interfaces aids in troubleshooting, ensuring a faster and more efficient resolution of any potential issues during survey operations.
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