Piper PA-31 Navajo

Piper PA-31 Navajo

New-Sense Geophysics includes the widely available Piper PA-31 (Navajo) as the option for fixed-wing platforms. Our TC (Transport Canada) approved STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), developed in collaboration with Lake Central Air Services (LCAS), transforms this agiletwin-engine aircraft into a powerhouse of survey capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. LCAS Developed, TC Approved STC:
    • Certified Performance: Our Piper PA-31 (Navajo) surveys boast a TC-approved STC developed in partnership with Lake Central Air Services (LCAS), ensuring adherence to rigorous industry standards.
  2. Configurable for Comprehensive Sensor Arrays:
    • Tail-Mounted Stinger Magnetometer System: The Navajo seamlessly integrates a tail-mounted stinger magnetometer system, providing versatility for gradient magnetic sensors, wingtip pods, radiometric gamma-ray detector packs, and VLF EM receivers.
  3. Twin-Engine Redundancy for Enhanced Security:
    • Safety Through Redundancy: The twin-engine design of the Piper PA-31 (Navajo) introduces an additional layer of security and redundancy, optimizing the safety of geophysical survey operations.
  4. Nimble and Durable Design:
    • Access to Remote Survey Locations: The Navajo’s agileand durable build allows it to take off and land from shorter runways.
  5. Efficient Coverage with Higher Flight Speed:
    • Rapid and Cost-Effective Surveys: The higher flight speed of the Piper PA-31 (Navajo) enables faster and more efficient coverage of large areas, translating to flight times of up to 5 hours for comprehensive surveys.

Suited for:

  1. Remote Survey Locations:
    • Versatile Exploration: The Navajo’s agility makes it well-suited for accessing remote survey locations, offering versatility in geophysical exploration.
  2. Shorter Runway Capability:
    • Navigating Challenging Terrain: The agiledesign of the Piper PA-31 (Navajo) allows for takeoffs and landings from shorter runways, enhancing accessibility in varied terrains.
  3. Efficient Large-Area Coverage:

Speed and Efficiency: Benefit from the higher flight speed, ensuring efficient and rapid coverage of expansive survey areas within shorter timeframes.

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