Piper PA-31T Cheyenne I & II

Piper PA-31T Cheyenne I & II

New-Sense Geophysics utilizes the Piper PA-31T (Cheyenne I & II) for airborne missions. Our TC (Transport Canada) approved STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), developed alongside Lake Central Air Services (LCAS), transforms this twin-turbine powerhouse into a pinnacle of surveying prowess.

Key Features:

  1. LCAS Developed, TC Approved STC:
    • Certified Performance: Our Piper PA-31T (Cheyenne I & II) surveys are backed by a TC-approved STC developed in collaboration with Lake Central Air Services (LCAS), ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  2. Configurable for Advanced Sensor Arrays:
    • Tail-Mounted Stinger Magnetometer System: Tailored for excellence, the Cheyenne I & II seamlessly integrates a stinger magnetometer system, supporting configurations with radiometric gamma-ray detector packs and VLF EM receivers.
  3. Twin Turbine Engines for Enhanced Power:
    • Redundancy and Security: The twin-turbine engine design of the Piper PA-31T offers enhanced security and redundancy, elevating the safety of geophysical survey operations.
  4. Pressurized Cabin Comfort:
    • Altitude Comfort: With a pressurized cabin, the Cheyenne II provides a comfortable and safe environment for the crew, eliminating the need for complicated oxygen supply systems.
  5. Efficient High-Altitude Surveys:
    • Navigating Moderate Rolling Topography: Suited for surveys at higher altitudes or with moderate rolling topography, the PA-31T (Cheyenne I & II) excels in capturing precise data even in challenging terrains.
  6. Speed and Endurance for Large Areas:
    • Faster Climb and Cruise Speeds: Benefit from the increased power, allowing for faster climb and cruise speeds. This ensures efficient coverage of expansive survey areas with flight times extending up to 5 hours.

Suited for:

  1. High-Altitude Surveys:
    • Precision at Elevated Levels: The twin-turbine engines make the Piper PA-31T (Cheyenne I & II) ideal for high-altitude surveys, ensuring accuracy and reliability in challenging environments.
  2. Moderate Rolling Topography:
    • Navigating Varied Terrain: Designed to navigate moderate rolling topography, the Cheyenne I & II excels in capturing detailed data across diverse landscapes.
  3. Efficiency in Large Survey Areas:
    • Extended Flight Times: With flight times reaching up to 5 hours and high speed, the PA-31T (Cheyenne I & II) is optimized for efficient coverage of large survey areas.
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