Project Risk Assessment and Planning

Risk Assessment and Planning

New-Sense Geophysics commits to project safety through a meticulous Project Risk Assessment and Planning process. At the forefront of our operations, we employ a comprehensive approach, utilizing document templates developed by the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA) and enhanced by our own experience and expertise.

Critical Elements of Our Process:

  1. Hazard Identification Process: Our project risk assessment begins with a rigorous hazard identification process. During the tender/bidding phase, we conduct an initial risk assessment to address the highest risks associated with the project. After contract award, a more detailed risk assessment is completed, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards. This proactive approach allows us to develop targeted mitigation strategies specific to each project phase.
  2. Safety Reporting: Transparency is key to our safety culture. We encourage prompt safety reporting from our team members, facilitating real-time communication and response to any concerns or incidents. This commitment ensures that potential issues are addressed swiftly, contributing to the ongoing refinement of our safety protocols.
  3. Safety Risk Assessment Register and Mitigation Process: Our risk assessment process is dynamic and evolves throughout the project lifecycle. We maintain a comprehensive risk assessment register that captures identified risks and corresponding mitigations. This register is continuously verified and approved, ensuring the validity of the risk assessment. We monitor the operation post-mobilization to address new or previously unrecognized risks promptly.

Document Structure:

Our risk assessment process is streamlined through a structured document with two components:

  • Part A: Survey Safety Information: This section, populated as soon as practical, gathers job and site-specific safety information. It serves as a guide to identify hazards and aids in evaluating their severity and likelihood.
  • Part B: Risk Register and Assessment: This section describes our risk assessment methodology and incorporates the IAGSA Risk Assessment Tool. The preliminary version is completed before mobilization, and the final version is approved by the Project Crew after a reconnaissance flight and before survey flying commences.

At New-Sense Geophysics, we prioritize safety at every stage of an airborne survey operation. Our commitment to utilizing industry-leading risk assessment tools ensures that each project is executed with precision, minimizing risks and delivering unparalleled results.

Experience the confidence of airborne geophysics surveys with New-Sense Geophysics – where safety and excellence take flight together.

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