RMS Totem 2A

RMS Totem-2A VLF

The RMS Instruments TOTEM-2A receives the magnetic component of fields radiated from VLF transmitters in the 15 to 25 kHz frequency range. These transmitters are located around the world for the purposes of navigation and communication with submarines. The parameters normally measured are the change in total field and the vertical quadrature component and the total field gradient from dual sensors. The sign of the quadrature polarity is also recorded.

A TOTEM-2A system includes a sensor comprising three mutually orthogonal ferrite-cored coils and a preamplifier mounted on an assembly, which is inserted in the fixed-wing tail or helicopter stinger.

The TOTEM-2A employs state-of-the-art digital and linear integrated circuits to implement the functions of crystal controlled phase-locked loop frequency synthesizers, dual frequency heterodyne conversion and proprietary time domain sampling vector computation techniques. Simultaneous dual frequency operation ensures that transmitters can be selected to provide good coupling with conductors of any orientation. The gradient mode measurements enhance interline contouring and delineation of multiple conductors.

Because of its simplicity, size and ease of operation, the TOTEM-2A VLF system is an ideal add-on to any airborne magnetic and/or radiometric survey.

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