Scintrex CS-3 Magnetometer


CS-3 Cesium Magnetometer

New-Sense Geophysics uses the Scintrex CS-3 Magnetometer, the gold standard in airborne magnetics. The CS-3 magnetometer is integral to our helicopter and fixed-wing systems, as well as our remote autonomous ground stations, ensuring unparalleled sensitivity, precision, and data quality.

Key Features of Scintrex CS-3 Magnetometer:

  1. Industry-Leading Sensitivity and Low Noise: The CS-3 Magnetometer stands out with its unmatched sensitivity and remarkably low noise levels, setting a benchmark in the industry. With sensitivity better than 0.01 nT, it captures the subtlest magnetic variations with exceptional clarity.
  2. Automatic Hemisphere Switching: Designed for seamless adaptability, the CS-3 features automatic hemisphere switching, ensuring optimal performance across diverse magnetic environments. This intelligent capability enhances the magnetometer’s versatility and reliability.
  3. Wide Voltage Range: The CS-3 magnetometer boasts a wide voltage range, providing flexibility and compatibility with different airborne platforms. This adaptability allows for integration with both helicopter and fixed-wing systems, meeting the diverse needs of our clients projects.
  4. Maximum Active Zone and Minimum Dead Zones: With an expansive active zone and minimal dead zones, the CS-3 magnetometer excels in capturing magnetic data accurately. This ensures that our survey operations yield comprehensive and high-quality magnetic datasets.
  5. Smallest Heading Errors: Maintaining the smallest heading errors is crucial for precision, and the CS-3 excels in this aspect. Its advanced technology minimizes heading errors, contributing to the reliability and accuracy of the magnetic measurements.
  6. Versatile Mounting Options: Our CS-3 sensors are strategically mounted within the heads of helicopters and fixed-wing stingers and wing-tip pods. These sensors feature adjustable orientations, allowing for optimal positioning to capture magnetic data with precision.
  7. Choice of Industry Professionals: Widely recognized as the magnetometer of choice for airborne survey operators, the CS-3 magnetometer has established itself as an industry standard. Its proven track record and exceptional performance make it an indispensable tool for geophysical exploration.
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