Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle Monitoring

At New-Sense Geophysics safety extends beyond the skies to the ground. Recognizing the importance of crew security on-site, we have implemented robust Vehicle Following Systems equipped with cutting-edge tracking and communication tools.

Key Features of our Vehicle Following Systems:

  1. Spidertracks Satellite Trackers: Our ground-based tracking system utilizes Spidertracks satellite trackers, ensuring precise position tracking for survey vehicles even in remote locations where mobile networks are unavailable. This technology provides real-time updates on the vehicle’s location, enhancing overall situational awareness and security.
  2. SPOT X Beacons for Communication: New-Sense employs SPOT X beacons, offering more than just tracking. In areas beyond reliable cellular coverage, SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messaging. This ensures constant communication with crew members on the ground, even when they are off the grid. The SPOT X app facilitates easy communication with family, friends, or Search & Rescue services in life-threatening situations.
  3. Enhanced Security in Emergency Situations: The Vehicle Following Systems serve as an additional layer of security for crew members. In the event of an emergency, these tools provide reliable communication channels, allowing crew members to send distress signals and receive assistance promptly.
  4. Client Access for Real-Time Monitoring: Transparency is a core value at New-Sense Geophysics. To ensure our clients are actively involved in the survey activities, we provide a secure account to our tracking system. Clients can monitor and follow their surveys in real-time, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making.

At New-Sense Geophysics, we prioritize the safety and security of our crew members both in the air and on the ground. Our Vehicle Following Systems, equipped with Spidertracks and/or SPOT X technologies, redefine safety protocols for ground operations.

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