Bell 206 Helicopter

New-Sense Geophysics uses the Bell 206 Helicopter and has become the epitome of efficiency, safety, and versatility. Our certified stinger boom mounts, approved by Transport Canada (TC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), make the Bell 206 a stalwart in our fleet. This Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) covers a diverse range of Bell 206 variants, including the Jetranger and Longranger, including FX and FX2 modifications.

Bell 206: Performance and Versatility

  1. Efficiency in Motion: The Bell 206, with its single-turbine engine, stands as a testament to efficient and safe performance. It becomes the cornerstone of our geophysical operations, ensuring optimal efficiency in every survey.
  2. Longranger Autonomy: The Longranger variant takes versatility to the next level, offering enhanced autonomy and performance. With a sweet spot in mountainous terrain below 10,000ft/3,000m, it becomes a reliable companion for surveys demanding precision and adaptability.
  3. Hovering Expertise: The Bell 206 Longranger showcases its hovering prowess, capable of hovering in ground effect over 12,300ft/3,600m and hovering out of ground effect just over 8,300ft/2,600m. This versatility makes it a safe and cost-effective option for surveys under 8,000ft/2,400m.
  4. Global Operations: Primarily operated in Canada, the United States (USA), and Mexico, Chile and Australia, the Bell 206 seamlessly integrates into our geophysical endeavors. Its performance, coupled with New-Sense Geophysics’ expertise, ensures that every survey is a testament to precision and excellence.

Certified Excellence, Global Reach: The Bell 206 Helicopter, coupled with New-Sense Geophysics’ STC-certified stinger boom mounts, is more than an aircraft; it’s a symbol of geophysical efficiency.

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